Escaping to the Secluded Beaches of St. Barts

Saline pic


A real estate and investment executive, Geoff Block is the manager of RLB Squared, LLC, in Bluffton, South Carolina. In addition to redeveloping a large property in New Jersey that houses the North American headquarters for Land Rover USA, RLB Squared, LLC, owns and operates a number of other single-tenant, multi-family, assisted living, and retail properties. When he is not working, Geoff Block enjoys traveling to St. Barts Island in the Caribbean.

Saint Barthelemy, affectionately dubbed St. Barts, is an island located in the French West Indies. One of the Caribbean’s most elite islands, St. Barts’ relaxed and luxurious atmosphere draws celebrities and well-known individuals from all over the world to its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Visitors can find over a dozen beautiful beaches on St. Barts. Most are missing traditional tourist traps, allowing beach-goers a secluded, quiet experience that lends itself to relaxation. Some of the most secluded and private beaches include:

Colombier: Also known as Rockerfeller’s Beach, Colombier is only accessible by boat or a rugged 30-minute hike. Colombier is a natural marine reserve, very secluded, and a popular place for locals.

Saline: One of the largest beaches on the island, Saline is also remote and accessible via a short, rocky path.

Gouverneur: Located a short drive from the town of Lurin, Gouverneur beach wraps visitors in luxurious, secluded views of the crystal clear ocean.

Visitors to St. Barts often enjoy exploring the island’s secluded beaches and escaping from the noise and distractions of crowds. In the evening however, guests can explore more populated areas of the island that feature gourmet restaurants and designer stores.