New Jaguar Land Rover Headquarters in Sharp Plaza Complex

Jaguar Land Rover pic

Jaguar Land Rover

Financial professional Geoff Block started RLB Squared, LLC in 2013 and overseas the firm’s property holdings alongside his family investments. During Geoff Block’s tenure, RLB partnered with real estate investment firm The Becker Organization to acquire Sharp Plaza, a key piece of commercial real estate in Mahwah, New Jersey. Today, the building is the site of the new Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) headquarters.

Earlier this year, the JLR group celebrated the opening of its new 144,000-square-foot North American main headquarters and training and development center. The $30 million construction project added substantial square footage as well as a product research facility. The new complex has nearly 500 workstations and 78 collaborative workspaces to accommodate 400 of JLR’s New Jersey-based employees.

The building also has a large showroom, displaying many of the car company’s latest models. The new headquarters is a reflection of JLR’s success in the North American market. Since being acquired and restructured by global holding company Tata, Land Rover sales have risen by 171 percent and Jaguar’s are up over 300 percent.

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