Jaguar Land Rover Opens New North American Headquarters


Jaguar Land Rover pic

Jaguar Land Rover

Geoff Block leverages experience he gained at Crown Growth Partners on Wall Street to manage day-to-day operations of RLB Squared, LLC, an investment company with a large portfolio including hedge funds and real estate ventures. Geoff Block partnered with The Becker Organization to develop the former Sharp Plaza, which has been leased by Jaguar Land Rover for its North American headquarters.

Located on 13.9 acres in Mahwah, New Jersey, the plaza includes a 147,077-square-foot office building where Jaguar Land Rover began renovation and expansion efforts in 2016.

Completed in March of this year, the existing building underwent a complete interior renovation that focused on improving technology and incorporating collaborative workspaces. The existing structure was expanded to provide a 30,000-square-foot space that houses product research, training activities, and other technical activities. The façade of the structure received a facelift as well. Jaguar Land Rover’s new North American headquarters is able to accommodate 315 employees.

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