Warming Up Before a Round of Golf



Image: thoughtco.com

With an extensive Wall Street background, Geoff Block guided investment-focused Crown Growth Partners. He is presently based in Bluffton, South Carolina, and directs a full range of activities with RLB Squared, including employee management and operations. Community focused, Geoff Block supports the Tulane University business school and athletics programs and volunteers as a football and wresting coach, as well as a golf instructor.

Despite its reputation as a sport that is easy on the body, golf involves focused physical exertion and can pose the danger of sprains and strains off the tee. One of the most critical aspects of staying injury-free is warming up properly. This begins with stretching the upper back and neck muscles through head rolls that involve dropping the chin to the chest and moving the head back and forth in slow half circles.

To stretch the torso, employ side bends, with the hand sliding down the upper leg and providing support as the bend deepens. Opening up the shoulders can best be accomplished through holding the golf club out horizontally. With the hands at the same width as the shoulders on the shaft, gradually raise the arms overhead and hold the stretch at the top before lowering and repeating. Next, reverse the same motion with the club held behind the back. As a final exercise, practice a swinging motion for a couple of minutes, starting with small half swings of the club followed by a series of full swings.