Alumni Mentoring Programs at Tulane University


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Alumni Mentoring

The founder of the real estate investment firm RLB Squared, Geoff Block is a former Wall Street executive with a resume that includes past experience providing strategic guidance to Crown Growth Partners. Prior to his work in finance and investments, Geoff Block attended the Tulane University Freeman School of Business, an institute that he remains involved with as an alumni donor to this day.

Tulane University alumni have the opportunity to serve as mentors to the next generation of college graduates. Tulane’s mentoring program aims to connect current and former students organically to establish mutually beneficial relationships that aid in career development and exploration. For current students and young alumni, this program is a chance to gain valuable insight from experienced professionals and make useful connections that help advance their careers. For mentors, the program serves as a platform for the development of business coaching and leadership skills, and as a way to give back to their alma mater.

Alumni can participate in Tulane’s Mentor Program in one of two ways. The first is to register one’s LinkedIn or Facebook account through, which automatically populates a professional profile for the user. Prospective mentors should select the “Willing to be a Mentor” option when they register to signify to other Tulane Connect members that they are willing to act as a coach to others within the system.

The other option for becoming a mentor is registering through the university’s private alumni network myTulaneNetwork, which is comprised entirely of graduates. Signing up through this service allows all alumni to indicate whether they would like to become a mentor or a mentee.

Through both mentoring platforms, members are able to message each other freely about mentorship opportunities to determine when a professional connection seems to be a good fit.